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The Philosophy of The Diamond Crystos Pyramid



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Man Himself and of course Herself are the best proof of
The Existence of A Sentient and Conscious All

If we presume that Man could have  Evolved from Stardust

We might go to think that Chi began in us

If Mans Evolution lead him to become  Sentient

In which he carries a spirit or Life Force

We can then admit that there is a thing called The Force.
So now we agree that man exists and the force exists

The question becomes where did the Force originate?

 The Force

Did it originate out of the Electric Biologic Walking Carbon Unit …….(Battery)
( that has a Crystal Ship ( Chip ) called Memorex)


Was The Force within Hu Man always here , everywhere in fact , and I don’t just mean here to Tennessee.

I mean everywhere in the Universe there is Energy.
We Live in an  Sea of Energy Soup.

We are the energy that we breathe. Everything is Energy.. Yes even rock.

I like to chide my colleges some time who revel at the Pyramid Culture

And Megalithic Cultures By saying they have to get their heads out of the rocks..

I like to say that there is more to rocks than Giants squeezing them out of Plasticine and Stacking Sacsayhuaman Lego here there and on Easter Island.


When people begin to realize and look at our purpose in this Matrix Realm is just to allow The Force to take shape in these Estrogen and Testosterone Units  so that this said force could just enjoy its Aquarium and Terrarium from within itself where we act out a plat in 3D

Yes the Big Stars are Mr Good Ass and Mr Bad Ass.
These are the Primary Aspects of The Force.
These Diametrically Opposed Forces make up 2 Key Points on a Compass. North and South…


The Next 2 Points of Polarity are East and West.
These Four now give you The Cardinal Points of The Compass
(hence The Cardinals of The RCC)


The rest of the Angels are composed of the 356 Angels of Enoch..
Each of these 360 directions teach a way of looking at one thing.

images c8

Hence the saying
“There are more that one way of looking at things. ”

All of these 360 things are Angels or Angels..
359 of them are less than Right. The path you follow is your choice.

Ultimately everything that happens in our timeline was written before the Metaphorical Switch was thrown that was the First Cause aka Causation.. It was Not a Bang at all. There was no beginning and there will be no end. There is only now. Time is an Illusion. The Past and The Future are Both Illusions.
The only thing that is real and even that is an Illusion is right now..

There is only now. There has only ever been The Now.

All Else is an Illusion that you can never re manifest except with in your Mind Matrix..

Man is the Vicar of The Matrix. We are The Force having taken shape..


People refuse to expand their perception because they have been programmed to do so by the bad Bad ass aspect or direction of The Force.
Polarity is also a Duality one of very many Dualities but this is another Lesson.

The thing to observe here out of all that i have just shared is that The Force has ALWAYS , not quite the right way to say it because without the Human Body Time disappears and only Energy or Force Remains.. ………. Existed…..

As such we have demonstrated that The Force was  Just here not in Time not in Space and without the Sentient Mind of the Human there is no time nor Space .

There is only The Force.
OK now are you with me so far..
I just said there is only The Force…
I just said that Hu Man has Sentience
Where does Sentience emanate from..
Without The Force … Nothing can exist.
So in that observation Sentience is also an aspect or Nature of The Force..


Some people would like to think that what is commonly referred to God exists within The Universe.
If God breathed into existence The Universe
How could that be.

God did not create anything .. The Concept of God is only one of innumerable characteristics of The All
The All is Resonance. Strings , Notes, Chords, Vibrations, WORD…… Word Says IT ALL..


Religion is just a very small part of the Gauntlet we call The Long and Winding Road..

Once Hu Man comes to See Again that Religion has been usurped by the Con Fusion of Mankind Collectively we will Ascend Collectively.
In the Mean Time The Game of Thrones Continues and
The Story remains in The Hero
I Call You All To Be Hero’s
Again … Even The Hero Story is just another Quantum Cartoon playing on The I Pod Matrix  of  Hologram Programs
When Hu Mans begin to see this then maybe we will begin to laugh a little more and Kill a little less
It is not too much to understand.

The Lord of The Rings Really Exists..
The Lord of The Rings is a Very Powerful Hive Mind Collective Running on The Matrix I Pod. There are some well-meaning but totally deluded Hu Mans within this Maxcell or Memorex Recording but ultimately what it means is that Both Wizards , The Gandalf and The Sauron

Pope Benedict Prayer card
Both have you under a Global Spell of Confusion and Possession
The Reason I say that is because none of That Really Matters
How can I say that?
In My Minds Eye and I keep been brought back to this
The only real thing of value, more than all of the Gold and Gems on the Planet The Person or Hu Man that can see it in this fashion has him or herself transformed into the most Precious Gem of All
The Hu Man Diamond

                           __WHY ON EARTH__
                     __HALF WAY TO ATLANTIS__

4 responses

  1. Well, that’s quite a view you’ve got. But I definitely believe in th3 divinity of Jesus, & in fact I believe that Jesus & Buddha were manifestations of the same godhead, Brahma.

    July 18, 2015 at 9:41 am

    • Jesus Chrystos is like a High Power Cartoon Program running on a Matrix Hologram.. It is existing in the Now for all of Time and Distance.. Dimention
      Jesus Chrystos is a Force not a Person and It walks among the people now today.. The Force of Jesus is Love and Compassion . IMHO.. Thanks for weighing in…

      July 18, 2015 at 8:54 pm

  2. Sorry, Brahm & not Brahma.

    July 18, 2015 at 9:42 am

  3. Reblogged this on nowstuffnow Conspiracy Theory, Parody, Irony & Satire.

    July 18, 2015 at 9:42 am

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