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If any one wants to understand theThe Anunnaki and The Lord of The Rings real back STORY A Must Seesee.

Do you know much about The Sumerian Tablets ..or Anunnaki.. There is a thread emerging of a very interesting part of what is expressed as our Historic Past that shows the existence of The Dark Wizard as depicted in The Lord of The Rings Series.. It just blows my f-in mind…

we can now trace and see the veritably forces in their dynamic expression migrating out of Sumer and navigating a path over the Occidental World. The present seat of these Dark Lords was and is Virtually still in Rome. They now stretch their tentacles throughout the western world by way of The UN The Trilateral Commission , the Other Counsels Commissions and Think Tank Foundations like The Rockefeller Foundation and Ford Carnegie and other Foundations that seem to stay one or 10 steps ahead of us and continue to keep us confused and under their spell
 I give you a link to a video about his understanding from many many years ago.. He was a Freud contemporary. When you watch it if you like to watch it there is a very advanced teaching and demonstration of what I interpret as knowledge of Anunnaki spirit archetype personalities Enlil and Enki in the 2 characters spoken of in this video who are named here as Lucifer … The Good bad guy and Ahriman the Bad bad guy of the 3 way polarity .. The third guy would be the Chryst Personality Archetype of Love 528 resonance.. If this is a correct interpretation of what I think I see and it is indicated in this way by Tolkein as well because another way of illustrating the two Bad Guys is maybe Gandalf The Grey , not white’… and Sauron aka S-Ahriman have a look when you get time ..

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