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The Pope Knows

The Pope Knows…

More and more evidence is mounting in the Computer Age that We Hu Mans are but just an extension of The Sacred Geometry of The Mother Earth..

We are also just a Computer Program.
We are also Just Resonance.
When you know to see this marriage of Numbers in Nature you will no longer think in terms of God but rather in terms of Resonance and Matrix.

It becomes an interesting Marriage of being joined to The Mother Earth like a leaf is joined to a branch and in that seeing another reality of our Majestic Existence..

We can then Juxtapose this reality to the As BELOW So ABOVE . With that I mean that we are now also seeing the Expanse of Our Reality as in the Mansions of His Kingdom.
One sees that not only are there Alien Races but that there are endless numbers of them .
But wait, wait, wait, says Veronica, wait !!

We are now seeing that not only are there many of them out there but there are many of them right here now at this very moment both here on The Mother and in our very Solar System.

But Wait. The Story is WAY bigger than that.. They, The Others, some of them just Dwell Here for now because they missed their Ride and are now stuck here in this timeline until their Comet or Planet or Niburu Ship return dragging with it Their, The Gods, return dragging with it in its wake Armadas of Space Warriors with them to take another load of Gold Diamonds and Gems and of course “Qi ( Chi Chee ehe ) Prana, Our Very Life Force.”

The Spoils are Huge! But Fear not for all of this is just another Matrix Movie another Quantum Cartoon, another page in the Synchronistic Consciousness Our Mothers Morphic Resonance of an Akashic Quality.
Not only are we Sacred Geometric in Nature but we also a Total Son of Our Earth Mother..
I can prove this by way of this Illustration.. When you look at our Genetic Group that being The Group of Mammals.. I am certain that you have made this observation by now that all Mammals have Mammary Glands. WTF.

But still there are Aliens that have in the past Gated in and Gated out of Our Solar System and most likely out of Our Galactic Mother as well.
Now lest not forget Dulce Base..
It is highly likely that there are many other Hominids dwelling here as well below the ground and below the Oceans of Our Mother especially the Pacific and more specifically Malibu..
There is an Underwater Base for Underwater and Flying Objects or is it USO’s and UFO’s. Bottom Line is Folks is that you do not accept the Party Line any longer.

The Pope Knows. Ask Him straight up . He’s been hinting at this for a while now!

Do the work and spread the word…


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