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Davinci 2

Article by Ralph Miller Since I wrote the first article about the DaVinci Code, I have received emails from readers who have suggested that there is more information contained within Leonardo DaVinci’s drawing "Proportions of the Human Figure". I have continued researching the subject myself as well. In order to give some more of the information, I decided to write this second installment. I would also like to thank those who have sent me these ideas. There seems to be a connection between all things. In other words, the nature of reality itself, or at least what we would consider consensual reality or 3D, seems to be holographic in nature. Each part of nature contains clues that unlock the puzzle of all the rest of reality, or to the whole of creation. DaVinci’s drawing contains incredible information that shows the connection between humans and all of reality. There is a geometry hidden within the human body that reflects the geometry in everything else. During an Ayahuasca journey, many people experience a perception of everything as part of an extraordinary mathematical equation. They see themselves in mathematical form. From nature around them to even their thoughts and emotions, everything is somehow represented as part of a beautiful mathematical geometry. Ayahuasca unlocks or awakens the visionary brain. The visionary brain completes the human ability to perceive. It unlocks the capacity of a greater seat of understanding that is located in the heart. This expanded perception of reality cannot be simply intellectualized. We are used to conceptualizing ideas with our ‘thinking’ minds, and this is far too elaborate and complicated to grasp at that level. There is however, an expanded state of consciousness that elicits a ‘knowing’. Knowing is quite different from ‘understanding.’ This knowing relies on a perception and trust that comes from the heart. It is very strange, because as soon as you trust … is as quick as you know. Somehow ‘knowing’ is the feminine counterpart of masculine ‘understanding’. We have had generations of conditioning around understanding, to the point where much of the art of knowing has gone dormant. This is all changing now. We are moving through a transition as humans. We are moving back to remembering our feminine selves. The first DaVinci Code article showed step-by-step how a perfect six-pointed star could be constructed within the human figure. Some suggest that the six-pointed star also represents two three-dimensional tetrahedrons. A tetrahedron is a four-sided solid, where each side is an equilateral triangle. The two interlocking tetrahedrons together form a solid called a star tetrahedron. DaVinci Code II – 2D ‘Star of David’ – 3D star tetrahedron 2D View: This is the Star of David, which is a perfect six-pointed star, or two interlocking equilateral triangles. See the first article entitled The DaVinci Code in order to understand how this six-pointed star was constructed. The star tetrahedron also represents what some believe to be the human energy field, also called the Merkaba. I don’t think any of us can be certain that the human energy field looks like this, but there are some very synchronistic relationships that are revealed. If you place a star tetrahedron inside of a sphere, with one of the apexes of the tetrahedron at the ‘North’ pole and one at the ‘South’ pole of the sphere, then the other six apexes of the star will touch or intersect the sphere at 19.47° above and below the "equator" of the sphere. Consider the fact that the earth is a thin solid crust that is rotating at great speed around what is basically a liquid magma center. The result is an upwelling of great force that occurs at 19.47° North and South, that seemingly comes from nowhere. In any case the result is that a large amount of volcanic activity occurs at those latitudes. It is theorized that these forces are hyper-dimensional in nature and cascade into three-dimensional reality resulting in volcanoes. Mauna Loa Hawaii 19°, 28′ N of equator Mauna Kea Hawaii 19°, 36′ N of equator Mexico City Mexico 19°, 23′ N of equator Dzibalchen Mexico 19°, 28′ N of equator Georgetown Grand Cayman 19°, 18′ N of equator Mount Emi Koussi Chad 19°, 47′ N of equator Mount Kalsubai India 19°, 33′ N of equator Xiangkhoang Laos 19°, 17′ N of equator Potosi Bolivia 19°, 13′ S of equator Yasur, Tanna Island Vanuatu 19°, 31′ S of equator Mount Samuel Australia 19°, 13′ S of equator Gweru Zimbabwe 19°, 31′ S of equator Many of the sacred sites of ancient civilizations are also located at or very near to 19.47° North or South of the earth’s equator including the Pyramid of the Sun at Teotihuacan, Mexico (19°, 36′ N of equator). Further, volcanic activity is pronounced at 19.47° on other bodies in our solar system, including: The Sun Sunspot activity and the region of peak temperatures is limited to 19.5° North and South. Venus The presumably active major volcano complexes Alpha and Beta Regio are near 19.5°. Mars The vast Olympus Mons shield cone volcano is at 19.5°. Jupiter The red spot is at 19.5°. Neptune In 1986 Voyager II discovered a similar spot at 19.5°. Another synchronicity that occurs in DaVinci’s drawing is that you can take the two-dimensional six-pointed ‘Star of David’ and if you interpret it as a view of a three-dimensional object it is a perfect dipyramid. The pyramids that were constructed by the Egyptians were not 3-sided tetrahedrons but were 4-sided pyramids, because they had a square base, plus four triangular sides. A dipyramid is simply two pyramids stuck together at their base. If you rotate the dipyramid represented by the Star of David in DaVinci’s drawing, by an amount equal to 36.26° (90° minus 19.47° divided by 2) the dipyramid will move into a perfect right-angle, two-dimensional view. The pyramids of Egypt were not quite perfect pyramids, as they were constructed slightly squatty. But even so, there is definitely a connection. Remember they are located at 19.5° North latitude! DaVinci Code II – Diagram 01 – Diagram 02 – Diagram 03 – Diagram 04 – Diagram 05 – Diagram 06 – Diagram 07 – Diagram 08 – Diagram 09 Back • Next Diagram 01: This is the Star of David, which is a perfect six-pointed star, or two interlocking equilateral triangles. See the first article entitled The DaVinci Code in order to understand how this six-pointed star was constructed. The ayahuasca journeys unfold reality into an extraordinary fractal mathematical representation. There is such a vast amount of information that is encoded into us already; it is simply a matter of unlocking the brain in order to perceive it. Somehow there is a connection between the dimensions of the human body to the earth; to the location of volcanoes; to the location of sacred sites; and to even to the pyramids themselves. Incredible! To review, you have a perfect six-pointed Star of David in DaVinci’s drawing, which can be extended into a three-dimensional star tetrahedron, unfolding a story about unknown hyper-dimensional physical forces occurring at 19.47° North and South. The two-dimensional Star of David can also be represented as a three-dimensional dipyramid, that when rotated by 35.26° which happens to be a mathematical factor of 19.47°, will return back to a two-dimensional representation of a dipyramid. Half of the dipyramid is a perfect equilateral pyramid. The divine nature of man is hidden inside of reality itself, and the true nature of reality is hidden within humans. In our modern world we have developed myopia to such a degree, that we have collectively distorted our perception of where we really are and who we really are. But, many are making the journey back. A journey of remembering. © Ralph Miller 2004 Last Article • Next Article Library – Articles – Audio & Video – Other Authors Last Article • Next Article Articles Library – Dimensional Shift (April 21st, 2005) – Nostalgia for Eternity (April 20th, 2005) – The Gathering (August 7th, 2004) – Trans. Temple Beings (July 18th, 2004) – DaVinci Code III (July 13th, 2004) – Remembering (Feb. 21st, 2004) – The Consciousness of Nature (Feb. 4th, 2004) – Davinci Code II (Jan. 1st, 2004) – Letting Go (Jan. 1st, 2004) – The DaVinci Code (Nov. 24th, 2003) – Ayahuasca: The University of Gaia (Nov. 20th, 2003) – The Fractal Dome (Nov. 20th, 2003) – Archives Want to be the first to know? 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