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The Sacsahuaman Fortress is located in Cuzco, Peru in South America.

Appropriate Dimensions, When Built, Purpose

The remnants of the Sacsahuaman Fortress is composed of three huge walls that tower over 60 feet tall. The walls were built in zigzags so that an attacking force would be forced to split into many small groups. Inside these walls, there are 3 towers. The largest of these towers has a base of 65 feet in length and is 5 stories tall. This tower alone could comfortably contain 5,000 soldiers.
The Sacsahuaman Fortress was built in the 15th century.
The Sacsahuaman Fortress served as a stronghold for the Incas and was their Temple of the Sun.

Interesting Facts

In 1536 the Spanish attacked Sacsahuaman. After many days of battle, the Spanish took control of the fortress.
There is one boulder in the walls of Sacsahuaman that is 8.5 meters high and weighs about 360 tons.
The name "Sacsahuaman" means "satisfied falcon".

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