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from the movie
 once upon a time when no one was old
there existed a land or so we have been told
a land like no other with fruit on all trees
with no locks on the doors for no one had keys
Where rainbows and sunshine were always the weather
where people were friends and friends stood together
where kittens could talk and mountains could sing
and if you just closed your eyes you just might be king
no laws others made for who needed rules
you lived right next door so shared all your tools
where sadness was lost and happy was found
this land was called tibbet
A simple mistake
Ill most likely make more
one law did exist
they had only one but never the less
there was a big sign that stood ninety feet tall
 and carved out of pine
 it stood to insure that all people would know
 that one law would protect
 the law was quite simply painted in red
 it stood in the center and here is what it said
 from the day that your born
till the day that you die
the only law here is never to lie
For lies are the bain of wonderful men
if you do it just once you will do it again
Little lies hurt larger lies break
so lets end it right here
for all peoples sake
and watch your life will be rich and happy you will be
with gifts for each other and wonders to see

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