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< Hi Sweet Heart Wow , I was just looking at you Through the eye of the beholder and truly this eye beholds a great and wonderous site . I see with eyes chipped clean of coral and barnicals of the deep , only to behold the wonderfully sexy and wontonly beautiful form , such as your own . A mermaid so beautiful that mine eyes must look away lest they be burnt from the very place that houses them safely so to be able to see again . Your milky white skin , soft so that the light does not reflect but rather is absorbed , only to give it back when the time is now . Your robust form , shapley hips your rose coloured cheeks and tantalising lips! When you speak it rings like the music of the Sirens ,mezmorizing , enchanting , captivating ,soft like wind talk yet loud at the same time, ear piercing loud like the sound of the skies ripping apart after the sword of Neptune slices from stars to star fish. Your lips , full round , wet, ruby red whisper to me , saying over and over Come to me Birch Come to me , I want you I need you . But theres one thing that I havn’t told you yet . And that is that I cant SWIM ! Love You Babe! . /DIV>

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