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Today we made our final leg down into the jungle of Diciduous Giants. Dodging Daiseys and Devels Club , Fox Tail and Fern we transversed the rift no ,  a tear or rip in the surface of the landscape. It came up on us almost like a grizzily  bear in full stalk. The only hint of its presence is the remote drone , the roar of the fast and narrow  vein of water. We hugged the jagged edge as the rock fall gave way to the chasm , so suddenly presented  it self . Upon the first chance to scope out the vista an amazing feature loomed pristine before us. A great chasm whos cleft revealed over 60 million years of geology in about 40 or 50 vertical feet of exposure. This feature was magnifired by the fact that this vertical face was not exactly vertical . It took on the shape of a surfers dream wave. Once down closer to the noise or more correctly the roar , one could see clearly a magnificent falls of cascading water , The work that the falls had done had facilitated an undercut shelf of enormous proportions. I looked on in wonderment. How could I have lived here in the North Central Cariboo which is akin to the Outback all this time and known not of it  . But wait , as I looked toward the falls , there it was , just as he had said , The Lost Swede , Then Dutchman then The Lost Shaft of Dragon Mountain. Now,  I had heard of this many years ago but never dreampt that it existed . But here it was in an unviolated posture. No legacy of harsh treament or the neglect of the land for the want of the riches.  Every one had heard of it that is all that had an ear for anything gold. Yes it was the shaft , tucked up nicely behind almost directly behind the falls but all of 20 paces into the undercut walls. This feature, with  all aspects woven  together were a feature of enormously grand proportions. Well once I rested and  got my breath back I was able to see how 60 million years of geological deposits , a large portion of the period involving the Yellostone Supervolcanoes ,  were laid down and how the basaltic features of fractured rock all solid in repose and holding the curl for the 40 ft tall arching shelf that protected a virtual cathedral as it were , from the elements . This had all of the makings of one of the jewels of the Cariboo.

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