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Friday, March 12, 2004



                    "As I Listen."




As I listen I ponder the fruits of lifes experiences ,

the bitter , the sweet ,

 the bumps and the slides ,

the joys and their sorrows ,

our friends and the ones who don’t come home .

They combine in the wonderful sauce of life

with spices and seasons ,

like the notes of this song

that blend together

 like watercolours on a windowpane

 blending into a fabric of sensations

 that colour our lives

with the tart taste of fruits both bitter and sweet .

That if we are brave we might learn to eat .

 We dwell in the emotions of todays past events

 and if brave we may venture beyond the fence .

 To go out and beyond ,outward and "In "

and turn on to the joy

that lies just within us as we carry on .

 We listen we feel we love hurt and heal .

We care for our brother our sister our mother ,

our children ,

their children ,

 but mostly of all ,we care for each other . .

 This song as I listen paints pictures for me ,

 a flower a seagull a sail boat a tree .

 It weaves pastell colours over threads of time

 blending coloured emotions with words of a ryhme .

It hangs on your sweet soul and lights you with fire

blending notes of flames wipping

like candles a flutter .

You accent my soul with fine wine and mist

bringing out things that till now

have somehow been mist .

 I love you , you know that

 I want to make sure so our love and lifes plan

 our journey is sure to endure .

An insence is burning sent

 rising with song mixed all up with feelings

 and gently stirred on .

We listen as notes intertwine with its scent

to add to the nuance of this sacred event .

 With deep breath we inhale

 the sound of a tone and colours of prisms light

dance softly on our ears .

 Sound pictures with flavour and scent all their own

are only a hint of the places I”ve known .

 With practice I know that we can travel serenely through fantacy land .

With Dragon and Fire Fly.

With Ork Troll and Unicorn , we highlight our journey through this magic land .

We have the vision now lets you and I ,

pass ,share it with our children

 till is our time to die !

"I Love you Babe " ! "

You Listen

2 responses

  1. Debbie

    I love you so much darling. This is a beautiful statement, one of the many you have written…:)) {{Hugs}}

    July 30, 2005 at 7:26 pm

  2. I really appreciate your appreciation , Babe…

    March 16, 2014 at 12:06 am

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